July Race Report

McCann & Murphy take Steel in the Achill Ultra Back-to-Back!

“If you’re in a fight and you get hit with a baseball bat at the start, the punches that come afterwards don’t really matter”

Achill Ultra 2018 finished last Sunday and yielded some very impressive results.

The Directors run was won by Jill McCann having run 100 miles the weekend before! & a zippy Ali Shaw who was getting a bit of last minute elevation before Leadville 100 next month.


Saturday descended upon us with only a handful of midges to dispel the pre-race sensations. Early bird Jill McCann was out with the larks starting her Ultra so as to team up with her beloved on her loop 2 and lash out another marathon with Kevin Sherry who aced his first back to back!

Saturday was wonderful weather, a mixed bag and every body returned looking a bit sun kissed !

Sophie Pigot did the ladies proud with a superb Saturday Ultra Win & Mystery man John Gordon flew around the Achill Ultra course creating a major gap very early between himself and any other potential threat. Alan Murphy paced himself for an impressive second. Ali Shaw and Ray Lawlor used cruise control to get around looking very comfortable. Erwin ‘De Wilde’ was right at home on the Wild Atlantic, his athletic build and distinctive Dutch features shredding with every loop.

In typical CHAMP spirit, the half marathon winner Svenda Sandor cycled from Newport to Achill as a warm up ! WOWSOME. Congrats ! Padraic Fahy enjoyed the pace and was seconds after ! Emma Foley was the winner and there were superb performances from across the wide Atlantic, and a first timer Beth Neugass is officially born to run !

“Power to the People” ! Blast from the Rasta man vibration Past ! Qussei ,Qussei was the the talk of the village with the curious locals later in the pub! & the Enigma who is Liam Mc Donnell started out that evening for his Ultra to make the course not so lonely for the die hards taking on that 3rd killer lap !


The Singles day Ultra on the Saturday was attended by participants from all over the world and it was lovely to see all the regular Achillites put in super performances, Paul Lanigan, cousin to “Ray Lanigan Unrivalled” did the Butties proud with a definitive win in the Marathon.

Eibhlin Lydon expressed Granuaile Grit & Ever present at the Achill Ultra James Quinlan and Sheila Masterson were top finishers , good luck Sheila in the run up to next goal 100K.

Sunday arrived and 21 set off on a misty morning.

Paul Leonard looked strong for the back to back Marathon win and the contenders for the back to back ultra steel masterpieces was fixed firmly in place. Liam Mc Donnell was heading out on his 3rd day and Stephan Mc Guire set a very speedy pace for the Ultra.

The two walking sisters set a record of fine example on the Achill Ultra course with 8 hours of good deeds


Thank you Sisters !

Eulalia Fisher and Ruth Rowe !

This event can be defined by the wonderful people who attend year by year and as always we enjoy facilitating their awesomeness.

Congratulations to everyone who took the hard punches of the Atlantic Drive.


Now firmly rooted for a 2nd year in the July racing Calendar , Achill Ultra half and full back to back has produced new records.

Sarah Kearns sensed the magic all around her despite the lack of visibility, and set a course record of 
1: 43:24


Saturday Single Day Ultra Course Record

John Gordon 5:33:34

Sophie Pigot July 2018 7:34:3

Ashley Hayes Male Record on Marathon set July 2017 3:33:23

Full Marathon Female Record Sinead Phelan July 2017 3:35:57

Husband and Wife Team ran hard on Sunday with an impressive ,2 hours 4 minutes 44 seconds ! Sadrine Le Bon and and Emmanuel Pandolfo ! ❤


Sarah Kearns Half Marathon July 2018 Female Record 1:43:24

Half Marathon Male Record (July 2017 ) Paul Conlon 1:28:24

Ultra Male Record John Gordon (1st 2017 &2018) 5:33:34

Ultra Female Record Sophie Pigot (July 2018) 7:34:35

Ultra Back to Back Record Holder Didier de Costa


A special word of thanks to the small and mighty crew who traded sleep to be out on the course with the sheep.


Chef Alan shaved nearly an hour off last years time, leaving the camera this year to focus solely on running. The plan paid off and the moral support of his very fine wife Rose made all the difference to him and everybody who participated on both days. Thank you Rose, for making it wonderfully memorable for participants and children alike ! also thanks

Unperturbed Abichal , Today in Ireland , Big John, Nuggy, Liam Mc Donnell St. John Ambulance. All my Amazing Crew from New Jersey Thanks for the Amazing T-shirts Too !

Thanks Beatrice, all at Micky’s.

Thanks Johnnie Pattens, Boxing Club, Mc Loughlin’s Bar.


More Photo’s will be available soon @ Today in Ireland . com

Results of amazing performances below


Join us for Part Deux !