Race Info August 2018

G’day Night Owl’s !

One more sleep !

Get your absolution at Achill Ultra this weekend !

We are doing a registration at Mc Loughlin’s Bar l between 7pm and 9pm and number collection is also available at Start/Finish 20 minutes prior to your race.

Ultra and early starts at 8am, Half Marathon and Full 9am. on Saturday & Sunday

Location on both days for ALL competitions is at The Hy Breasal B&B, St Fionans Rd. Achill.

There will be plenty of water and fresh fruit at 5 of the water stations.

Please feel free to have some items dropped out to Mile 2/11, Mile 3, Mile 5, Mile 8.

The warm weather and the salty liquid air of Achill tends to draw out even more Salt !!!! so bring a few salt tabs if you’re in the habit also, we will most likely have some kind of midge onslaught , it will only last a few minutes, head buffs and a shot of repellent should ward them off !

There is plenty of Parking available at the B&B Start/Finish area.

Please do not park anywhere near the Achill Coastguard.

St John Ambulance will be out and circulating the course as well as fully trained Marshals and Stewards.

In the meantime, if you have any queries call me direct on 0892310643

Safe Travels and see you in the Land of Afternoon !clare