What did those who have experienced Achill have to say about its magic. Follow these links to find out.

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Achill International Marathon completed in 4 hrs 20 mins, without doubt the toughest marathon i have ever ran by a long way. Very hilly course and a scorching day. I would also say it’s the best marathon i have ever ran, stunning scenery the whole way round, brilliantly organised and great work and support from all the helpers. A top class event.


From the Champ on Sunday ! Sarah Kearns

What a fantastic event! I loved every minute even those minutes I was counting all those long hills. I didn’t get the gentleman’s name who gave a great course description to me. He had ran the ultra Friday, marathon Saturday and headed out again on Sunday. He told me that really there were 4 hills, all the others were just a distraction 😆. Please thank him for me.

Even though I couldn’t see anything through the mist/fog/low cloud I knew there was magic all around me.

This time last year I happened across competitors in your race & decided there & then I needed to be one of them this year. I’ve never had a race ‘find me’ before and how happy I am to have been found!!!

There was another lovely lady there – an American living in Kerry. She took a photo of me with a few of my looney family who surprised me by coming out to roar at me. I would love to have a copy of it.

As we start packing to head back to Kildare my kids have already asked to come back so if your race is on next year we’ll see you there!